Can God Be Trusted?

Can God Be Trusted?

Today, trust has become a precious commodity. With all the news reports and bad experiences of people we know, it is no longer easy or prudent to immediately trust. Trust needs to be earned. People can be deceitful. We must be cautious in our dealings and relationships lest we fall prey to people who victimize unsuspecting, untrusting individuals. Man’s wisdom can be flawed. We must be selective about the advice and opinion we heed lest we are encouraged into making wrong decisions and assumptions.

It is right to be guarded. The attitude has become a necessity in order to spare our selves from loss and heartbreak. At times though, the Christian can bring this attitude into his relationship with God. When things go wrong or get harder, we can begin to doubt God’s character and capacity. When life gets busy and so many pressing matters hound us, we may begin to rely more on our wisdom and doubt the effectiveness of consulting with God by prayer and reading of the Word. God can become unreal to us. When this happens we must stop and remind ourselves that God can be trusted. God is trustworthy. God is reliable.

God is so certain of His own goodness that He isn’t threatened at all by our questions.

He has seen the beginning and end.

God bears the wisdom of eternity. From eternity past and eternity future, God was, God is, and God will be. God is not a novice; nothing will surprise Him. He will never panic nor will He be stressed. He won’t be pressured into doing anything drastic or impulsive. When He acts, I know He acts in wisdom. It may be hard to understand but whatever He allows or withholds, I know there is His perfect reason behind it. In the end, all things will work out for my good (Romans 8:28).

That He sees the beginning and the end is an assuring thought. Think about it. The past, present, and future are equally laid out before him. God is never blindsided. He is never shortsighted. There can be peace and calm amidst the chaos and confusion because God clearly sees my life and knows how to direct and keep me on the right path.

He knows me wholly.

No one can know you more than He does. Even we fail to understand our hearts at times. Jeremiah 17:9 says that our heart is deceitful, no one can really understand it. We get overwhelmed and our emotions get the better of us. We second-guess ourselves and we overestimate ourselves. But, not God; He understands us with a perfect understanding. He knows what you and I are made of. He is fully acquainted with our uniqueness. He knows why we are the way we are. He knows how and why we think the way we think.

Psalm 139 beautifully lays just how much God knows us. Verse 4 says before we even utter the words, God knows it completely. He knows the reason behind the words and the feelings that go with them. From the passage, we know that He created our inmost being. He saw our unformed body and has set how many years we will have to enjoy life on this earth.

That He knows us completely and accurately is a refreshing thought. Think about it. There is never a need to pretend or build walls. We can come just as we are. He will not pre-judge. There is never a need to explain our selves. He gets us completely. We can trust Him to respond to us rightly and helpfully.

Can God be trusted? For these two reasons and many more, the answer is a definite “Yes!” Yes, He can.



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