US Health Experts Warn of Surge in Virus in Coming Weeks, Advise Caution
Why ‘Coming Out’ as a Christian at work is so very hard?

Dave is a competent young professional. He looks worn and defeated. In talking about his workplace, he said that bickering, criticism, and lack of support for Christians had spread through his organisation – a workplace he used to love. Now, he said, “The tension here is so thick I hate going to work.” he says. Coming […]

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Well-known entertainer Mark Lowry and author/songwriter Andrew Greer are quickly becoming the Odd Couple of the Christian media world.  Lowry is the veteran comedian, best known for his longtime tenure in the Gaither Vocal Band while Greer, a millennial, is best known for penning songs for Jaci Velasquez and Seth & Nirva.  Together, they are […]

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