By His Grace

People often wonder if they deserve God’s favour. They easily talk and sing about His amazing grace, but do you know what grace really is? It’s unmerited favour. It’s kindness from God that we don’t deserve. We don’t have to earn God’s grace; we don’t have to earn His favour. We simply receive it by […]

Tenderness and Grace: Finding Comfort in Caring for Aging Parents

In her new book, As My Parents Age, author Cynthia Ruchti shares wisdom and comfort for the myriad of situations we face, as our parents grow older.  With a warm sense of compassion, she empowers readers to care for our aging loved ones as gracefully and graciously as possible.

Let’s Talk About Grace

Grace is a beautiful word. It is one of the best words you can name your child with. The meaning is profound. The Hebrew word for it is “chen”(pronounced khane) which signifies a stooping down in kindness like that of a superior to the inferior. The Greek word for it is “charis” (pronounced khar’-ece) and […]